There was once a sheet of A4 paper that ended in a wad of paper (‘Propje papier’). Is it a thought that no longer was? Is the material not useful anymore, or is it the doubt that triumphs and lets us change our minds? The wad of paper that normally belongs in the paper bin, is now the philosophy of a sculpture and was even refined in one of the most valued materials in the world: white Italian marble. To transform just a tiny particle of our daily lives to such a loaded material with a strong historical context, will challenge our imagination for this new created reality. With the work ‘Crumpled Paper’, time, material and subject are identified into a new world of imagination.

In art history, the theme "the end of painting" is abundantly investigated by many artists and in many ways. Also "the end of the visual arts" is thoroughly studied and it is up till today a non-the-obvious topic for many artists, philosophers and art critics.

With ‘Crumpled Paper' , 'Sheet of Paper' and 'Propje Papier', Kim De Ruysscher wants the viewer to fill in the artistic content by himself. It is up to the viewer to judge whether it concerns a canvas, a sculpture or an unrealized art object in its packaging form. The future vision of the art is key to this work.