Onbeschilderd Marmer

An almost perfectly stretched canvas let us fantasize about his image. It presents itself as a canvas, or a painting, or simply a canvas that is still awaiting his future. This work is a symbiosis between time and subject, between two and three dimensional art and shows us his existence through the completion of his own image. White Greek marble was always painted in the ancient art world. In the work ‘Unpainted Marble’ its future gives us a reflection of the present: an undesignated area.

In art history, the theme "the end of painting" is abundantly investigated by many artists and in many ways. Also "the end of the visual arts” is thoroughly studied and it is up till today a non-the-obvious topic for many artists, philosophers and art critics.With 'Unpainted Marble', Kim De Ruysscher wants the viewer to fill in the artistic content by himself. It is up to the viewer to judge whether it concerns a canvas, a sculpture or an unrealized art object in its packaging form. The future vision of the art is key to this work.