Make it yourself: Marble
A block of solid marble is spotty situated at an industrial wooden pallet. Several pieces of the block are broken, as if it comes straight from the quarry, ready to be processed. The imagination of marble in block form suggests change, or to create yourself a new future. The hand pallet is from the same single block of marble and is carved with traditional sculpting techniques. It asks us to live and to think about the sense and nonsense of imagination. The end of art or a new beginning of art is discussed. The story of the 'readymade' takes place in a physical and visual world and shows the importance of 'labour' fully participating in the discourse. 'Make it yourself' tells us something about time and connects with meaning illusion: living with fantasy.

About the 'Make it yourself' series
'Make it yourself’ deals with the concept of time. This concept allows us to empathize with the images in a personal way. It plays with the idea of ​​the dying, but also the narrative in history.To escape time we can only imagine the timelessness. We cannot change or manipulate time, but just imagine it. In the ‘Make it yourself’ series the sculptures have been given an idea, or a given time. The more than 90 sculptures are all made of natural stone. Some are painted or silkscreened as well. Kim De Ruysscher works with traditional sculptural techniques and traditional material and connects these historical aspects with contemporary spirit. So he materializes a period and inertia. The presented sculptures from ‘Make it yourself’ carry a reticence to entail the time in which the future fulfillment of a work has not yet been determined, but in which the past is already over. Thus we see a drawing block, building blocks, a bag of plaster, wood blocks, paint tubes or paper. Apart from the past and present the works of 'Make it yourself' also focuses on the future.