A Second


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future past present society





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An old tree lies defeated in rough sawn parts, subject to the laws of gravity and sloppy winds through space. The cause or facts we cannot retrieve, only the history of life, of memories remains. The imaginations of these elements in natural stone transform our thoughts into our fantasies of a future, into new objects. Sandstone, consisting of compact earth, is again the basis for the growth of new life. Nature can get back on rezoning these works, offer its vegetation, merging or anchoring. The temporarily displaced tree can again overpower nature. The growth of mosses, algae, plants or living can now be resumed in a new biotope of memories and images. A Second Life is already working through the relationship -viewer versus object - in which the object invites the viewer to fantasize about him, to imagine or to enjoy it. In its new image the creature rests, shows off and enjoys its new form: A Second Life.