in Wording

In 2012 the The Hague-based artist Kim De Ruysscher participated in Turnhout 2012, a major group exhibition on various locations in the city of Turnhout, that year Cultural Capital of Flanders. The aim of the exhibition was to promote innovation and creativity of businesses in Turnhout and of visual artists. Artists and businesses collaborated to create a communal work of art, a process or an industrial product.
Together with the Miko Koffie company Kim De Ruysscher realised a work for an old warehouse near the central railway station, a building formerly used for the maintenance of trains. It is a space that has a strong connotation with mobility or movement. In the warehouse Kim De Ruysscher represented a combination of nuts, bolts and roundels, very huge and with a rusty appearance - referring to the activities that used to take place in the space. The objects were positioned in space at random, as if they had been carelessly left there.The artist achieved the distressed state of the objects by applying a finish made of ground coffee. The audience not only had a visual experience, but also one of smell. The aim was to entice the viewer to think, fantasize or wonder.