During a small-scale live concert, Kim was suddenly astonished to see a person split into two, as it were. One part was the language of her body while the other was a sort of sweet daydreaming of a very different nature to that what was acoustically expressed at that moment. De Ruysscher acknowledged that this form of 'being' and 'non-being' also occurred in other situations with people and was inspired to create a sculpture around this idea. He asked to talk to the woman in question and ended up using her as a model for the work on preliminary studies, using video, photography and drawings to render an as accurate as possible reconstruction of that single moment at the concert. Because the lady in question always posed in the warm sun, she wore sunglasses. Only in the last month, upon the completion of the marble sculpture, did Kim realise the sunglasses also had an important substantive aspect that it was imperative to include.