Box 2

‘Box 2’ was one of the first works that Kim De Ruysscher realized after a stay of ten years in an abandoned marble quarry in the mountains of Carrara (Italy). This sculpture was created in a huge, empty and dark warehouse in The Hague (Netherlands), where he settled in 2006. The difference in atmosphere between this atelier and his warm and light atelier in Italy was huge. The dark closed hangar, the impact of urban life and the Dutch social environment were powerful sources of inspiration. These personal experiences were transformed by Kim into a box. It reflects a reality that is locked up, questioning whether it should be unpacked or stay packed correctly to be unpacked later. The frustration of not being able to reach a true reality or the security of undeveloped safety gives us the opposite feeling. By realism, reality is put into perspective and creates the absurdity between object or subject and choice of material and even a touch of humor arises.