A Second Life and Other Thoughts


28 oktober 2013

A Second Life And Other Thoughts

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The Belgian artist Kim De Ruysscher is known for its sculptures using natural materials like Sandstone as he used for one of his latest work A Second Life (see image above) – an old tree lies defeated in rough sawn parts, subject to the laws of gravity and sloppy winds through space. The artist explains the work as the following: “The cause or facts we cannot retrieve, only the history of life, of memories remains. The imaginations of these elements in natural stone transform our thoughts into our fantasies of a future, into new objects. Sandstone, consisting of compact earth, is again the basis for the growth of new life. Nature can get back on rezoning these works, offer its vegetation, merging or anchoring. The temporarily displaced tree can again overpower nature. The growth of mosses, algae, plants or living can now be resumed in a new biotope of memories and images. A Second Life is already working through the relationship – viewer versus object – in which the object invites the viewer to fantasize about him, to imagine or to enjoy it.” In its new image the creature rests, shows off and enjoys its new form: A Second Life.

Make It YourselfMake It YourselfMake It YourselfAnother inspirational use of material is the Make It Yourself series that deals with the concept of time. This concept allows us to empathize with the images in a personal way. It plays with the idea of ​​the dying, but also the narrative in history. “To escape time we can only imagine the timelessness. We cannot change or manipulate time, but just imagine it. In the Make It Yourself series the sculptures have been given an idea, or a given time. The more than 90 sculptures are all made of natural stone. Some are painted or silkscreened as well. Kim De Ruysscher works with traditional sculptural techniques and traditional material and connects these historical aspects with contemporary spirit. So he materializes a period and inertia. The presented sculptures from Make It Yourself carry a reticence to entail the time in which the future fulfillment of a work has not yet been determined, but in which the past is already over. Thus we see a drawing block, building blocks, a bag of plaster, wood blocks, paint tubes or paper. Apart from the past and present the works of Make It Yourself also focuses on the future,” states the artist. 

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