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05 May - 01 July 2012
Fort 4 Mortsel (BE)

The third edition of ART-FORT/FORT-ART, contemporary art in the open air at four locations in the Antwerp forts, running from 6 May to end of June 2012. Five artists: Leon Vranken, Kim De Ruysscher, Tinka Pittoors, Kris Fierens and Vaast Colson, make their contribution in the forts of Wommelgem, Mortsel, Edegem and Hoboken.

Whereas in the previous edition 'autonomous' sculptures were placed on a prominent place in each of the then participating forts, in this publication is chosen for in situ work: artworks locally made and installed, at the end of the exhibition to 'disappear'. This allows powerful anticipation on the individuality and character of the forts themselves. The works are partly inside and partly outside installed.

In the fortress of Wommelgem makes artist Leon Vranken main work. In the fort of Mortsel is a great work of Kim De Ruysscher, with some small works in a protected indoor area. In the fort of Edegem do Tinka Pittoors and Kris Fierens an essential surgery, independent (but not) of each other. In the fort of Hoboken used Vaast Colson the pontoons in the water jacket at the entrance to an installation.

All participating artists are young but established names in the Belgian and international contemporary art circuit, known for their fresh, quirky and creative interventions on existing situations. They make it obvious to a completely new experience.

In the development of the work it can happen that interconnections are made using smaller interventions of artists in other forts than theirs. That can be a fascinating common thread within the creative process.The artists were selected by curator Marc opportunity Ruyters, editor of the art magazine ART <H>. The work will initiate a dialogue with the environment, local residents and passers-by. ART-FORT/FORT-ART looking for the combination of remarkable contemporary art with the remarkable Belgian heritage that the Antwerp forts unmistakable.


Kim De Ruysscher (b. 1973, lives and works in The Hague) He is the most pronounced 'sculptor' of the five participants. Kim De Ruysscher stayed over for years in Carrara, the marble center in Italy. He knows marble through and through, but also works with other like materials. De Ruysscher shows here the 'Roundcube': a giant football, drafted in one of the corridors at Fort Mortsel. The ball seems to sit squeezed, the viewer can not or difficult past. In the work of De Ruysscher often hides some "wrenching" humor.

05 May - 01 July 2012
Fort 4 Mortsel (BE)