Cinque Arance

The sculptures from 2013 express the history of play: A world in which a series of objects is turned into toys. They carry the sound of life. Where the movement captures silence or the stillness of the moving image takes shape, the viewer will enter a fantasy world. The game is alive. In addition to the aforementioned, sculptures of highly commercialised products are made. The sculpted rabbit is part of a series of images based on the thought of fullness of life. A hanging coat, from a woman, girl or child, can also be seen. The presence of the person that left the coat behind is still clearly felt by its strong creases.

In order to raise this crappy world we see a translation of the objects itself in handmade sculpture from natural stone. Norms and values ​​are brought into question by the craftsmanship of the base material. The dimension of the full life, nurturing life, like holding the immutable. The tension in the balloon or inflatable crocodile tell us their visual vulnerability or fragility of the fullness of life itself.